Facing a Life Transition

The Top Ten Stressful Life Events include: death of spouse; death of a family member; serious illness of a family member; divorce and a break up of the family.*

One or more of these events occur prior to or during a life transition.

The following business categories often need to be dealt when experiencing a life transition:

  • Health Care
  • Legal
  • Financial
  • Real Estate
  • End of Life

Each of these categories have multiple professions that require communication.

  • Health Care:
    • Hospitals, Residential Care, In-home care, Private Physicians

  • Legal:
    • Attorneys: Elder Care, Estate, Family, Health, Law & Aging, Disability, Property, Estate Planners

  • Financial:
    • Insurance Agents, Accountants, Banks

  • Real Estate

  • End of Life:
    • Hospice, Funeral Homes

Legacy Life Transitions can work with you to navigate the process with our Complete Process Management service.

*Holmes-Rahe Life Stress Inventory was tested for validity in 2001 by researchers and their results were published in Occupational Medicine.