We honor your values in addition to your valuables!

Full Service Estate Management

Legacy Life Transitions offers a full range of transition management services. We create a customized list of services to fit each client’s unique needs. We will form and lead a team to help you coordinate and facilitate a move and/or liquidation of assets.

Legacy Life Transitions can assist with the following:

  • Complete Process Management

  • Navigating various processes involved in life transitions

  • Moves to senior living residences

  • Moves to downsize

  • Asset inventory

  • Asset liquidation

  • Liquidating assets after a divorce

  • Preparing a home to maximize its resale value--exterior and interior

  • Anything we can help with to reduce the stress associated with a life transition!

Complete Process Management -- Moving the process forward

  • Legacy Life Transitions can act as a personal assistant to the estate:

    • Receive and process incoming calls and messages from those involved in the process. Communicate with client and appropriate agent.  Includes healthcare, legal, financial and real estate professionals who are involved in the transition.

  • Assign and/or carry out tasks associated with moving the process forward in a timely manner.

  • Legacy Life Transitions offer services only in those areas for which we are qualified.

  • When unable or unqualified to fulfill requests for services, we will network with the appropriate qualified professionals on your behalf.